Visitor Centre

The award-winning New Lanark Visitor Centre tells the fascinating story of the cotton mill village of New Lanark which was founded in the 18th century.

New Lanark quickly became known under the enlightened management of social pioneer, Robert Owen. He provided decent homes, fair wages, free health care, a new education system for villagers and the first workplace nursery school in the world! Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, New Lanark has been beautifully restored as a living community, which welcomes visitors from all over the world. Travel back in time on the Annie Mcleod Experience dark ride which features mill girl Annie who magically appears and reveals the amazing story of her life and times in New Lanark in 1820.

Explore the many attractions and exhibition areas of New Lanark Visitor Centre with a passport ticket. Highlights include: Annie McLeod Experience' ride which takes you back in time; Roof Garden; Millworkers' House in 1820s and 1930s; Robert Owen's House; Robert Owen's School for Children; Village Store; and Working Textile Machinery.

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