Roof Garden & Viewing Platform

Be inspired by the design and amazed at the stunning views of our unique Roof Garden. Created on the 9,000 square feet of roof on one of our mill buildings, our Roof Garden is the largest of its kind in Scotland and is one of the highlights of our Visitor Centre. The garden is open to visitors all year round and is the perfect location to enjoy a spectacular bird's-eye view of the surrounding natural scenery and the historic village.

Imaginatively designed, the garden contains decorative planting with over 70 different plants and shrubs, a water feature and animal sculptures. The garden also attracts lots of the area's real animals! Butterflies, birds and an array of insects can often be viewed up close and recently a mother duck gave birth to 10 ducklings in the grasses! You can find out more about the plants that are in season and the animals they attract by visiting our Roof Garden Diary.

“They will be surrounded by gardens, have abundance of space in all directions to keep the air healthy and pleasant: they will have walks and plantations before them, and well cultivated grounds, kept in good order, as far as the eye can reach”.

(Robert Owen, 1817)

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