Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited

Endsleigh was established by NUS in 1965 to champion affordable insurance designed for students, when others wouldn't. Today, we’re still committed to providing value for money and have extended our offering to a wide range of products and services for students as they move through university and into their professional lives - from gadget and home insurance, through to car and travel insurance. We use our expertise to help shape products and services to ensure our customers are protected against the unexpected, and prepared for the futures they expect.

Find your student insurance because we know more than 1 in 4 students damaged their smartphone in the last year.

- stay connected with gadget replacement in 24 hours once your claim is approved

- grab up to 15% multi gadget discount when you insure two gadgets or more

- cover your gadgets and belongings under one policy including bikes and musical instruments

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